Tomorrow a server migration will be performed. Downtime will be minimal (if noticible at all) and there will be no data loss. The migration is scheduled to start at 3pm CST on Friday August 28th.

The current servers data will be migrated onto a new server with increased resources which will provide a more stable environment. Below are some important things to note.

  1. IP Addresses*:The IP addresses for the server will change.
    1. If you are using the current server IP addresses in any of your scripts you will need to update them.
  2. DNS Settings*:All domains should be pointing to the nameservers and
    1. If your domains are setup in this way you will not have to make any DNS changes after migration as it will happen automatically.
  3. Email:If you use RGB Hosting for email hosting you will need to update your incoming and outgoing servers on any devices that connect to the server to check mail, e.g., Outlook, smartphones, etc...
    1. This only applies to email accounts that are hosted with RGB Hosting.
    2. If you do not update these settings you will not be able to send/receive email until you do so.
    3. Check your mail settings as soon as possible to see if you will need to make these changes.
    4. If you are connecting to the server securely using as your host you will need to update this to after migration completes.
    5. If you are connecting to the server using you do not need to make any changes.
    6. You will probably receive connection error notifications once the migration has started if you need to make changes to your settings. At that point update your host names in your email settings to resolve these notifications.
* If RGB Hosting has developed your website and/or maintains your domain on your behalf your settings have already been reviewed and no IP/DNS changes are nessecary.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email or phone. I will be posting updates on Announcements page as well as Facebook and Twitter.

iOS Mail Directions:

Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Select your account > Click on the email address and check the incoming and outgoing host names.

General Mail Directions:
Depending on the version the steps may vary slightly. In general you should find "Account settings" and look for the "server" or "host name." It may be under an "Advanced" tab under the account.

Friday, August 28, 2015

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